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ComponentIndia provides a rich set of tools and deliverable to help sell your software via our portal. With an established client database, we help sell your software in identified target industries via various marketing initiatives. Publishers are also provided an opportunity to build a virtual products store by means of our eshop facilitating a steady cash inflow via our secure and trusted credit card payment system.

Selling opportunities include:



ComponentIndia's eshop is designed to serve as a medium through which Publishers can showcase their products on our website. The eshop is intended to facilitate the sale of products via our secure and trusted credit card payment system, freeing up investment costs incurred by Publishers and offering a means to display products along with other service providers through a reliable and trusted vendor.

Access to ComponentIndia Contact Database

A Contact Database containing key contacts in all industries is maintained and updated regularly by ComponentIndia's marketing team. Depending on their membership level, Publishers are provided access via our direct mailing campaign.

Online Targeted Email marketing

ComponentIndia's online targeted email marketing is designed to help Publishers easily distribute information they want to share with targeted market segments. With the help of our Contact Database, Publishers can provide ComponentIndia with marketing collateral which it will send on the Publisher's behalf. Publishers have the choice of deciding what information they would like to distribute and can include direct mailing pieces ranging from newsletters, email blasts, discount offers, schemes, updates, product information etc.

Information on Events, Conferences and Seminars

Information on Events, Conferences and seminars is provided to registered Publishers giving them an opportunity to participate in events that can help increase market share and visibility, as well as serve as an avenue for continuous business growth and development.

Opportunity to meet key Industry contacts (Feedback, Business Opportunities and Recommendations)

ComponentIndia is committed to continuously create opportunities whereby Publishers selling their products via our web portal are able to increase their market share and generate revenue. To enhance this, our marketing team organizes the opportunity to meet key business contacts in your particular industry creating a medium to get direct feedback, expand your business opportunity and give you solid credentials to meet the right people at the right time. In addition, recommendations are also provided should you require it, by ComponentIndia's executive team to help enhance your service offerings.

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