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ComponentIndia provides product marketing services to Publishers who wish to resell their licensed software via our Portal. Our Marketing service is designed to leverage market leading strategies to create a competitive advantage when you sell your products on our portal.

Marketing opportunities include:

Paper Catalog

ComponentIndia publishes Paper Catalogs twice a year and that is distributed to key IT and software companies in India. Paper Catalogs include:

  • Product listing with retail prices
  • Advertisements
  • Advertorials

Advertorial opportunities (resembling an editorial) exist for Publishers who wish to advertise their products and promote the interest or opinion of targeted audiences. Available via ComponentIndia's Newsletters and Catalogs, it provides an excellent marketing opportunity to advertise your service offering and reach out to a larger audience.

Website Advertising (Product Banner Display)

A great way to highlight your products on our website, Product Banner display is an excellent website advertising strategy designed to attract customers to your service offering. ComponentIndia provides Product Banner Displays on the homepage creating an opportunity for Publishers to gain instant visibility each time a user accesses our website.

Product Launch Advertising (New Releases)

A special New Releases section has been incorporated enabling users browsing our website to have instant access to information on recent product releases. Updated everyday, the New Releases showcases the latest service offerings, and creates a unique opportunity for each and every Publisher to gain instant visibility, inform customers, and serve as a product launch advertising tool.

Product Screen Shots

To boost viewer exposure on your service offering, a Product Screen Shot is included in ComponentIndia's Product Page enabling each and every customer a unique opportunity to see a blueprint of your product.


ComponentIndia creates and distributes e-catalogs ensuring all product information featured by Publishers is easily available to the public and to all key Industry audiences and customers across India.


ComponentIndia provides the capability for Publishers to create newsletters that can be e-mailed via our direct marketing service to key contacts listed in ComponentIndia's contact database. Publishers can design their own newsletter or outsource the newsletter design and content to ComponentIndia.

ComponentIndia also publishes its own newsletter with features on new product updates, Publisher information and articles of relevance that provide value to Publishers, customers and Industry watchers.

Search engine submission

As part of its web marketing strategy ComponentIndia helps Publishers by providing search engine submission support. By registering your product with key search engines ComponentIndia's search engine marketing promotion initiative ensures your product is listed on relevant search engines, leading to an increase in your website traffic and visibility.

License to use ComponentIndia logo

Once you register in our Publisher Program, ComponentIndia grants Publishers a limited, nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use its logo as a link on your website or to promote the marketing of your products. An agreement will be drawn and subject to it, Publishers will enjoy the privileges and benefits associated with using the ComponentIndia logo as long as they maintain their Publisher Program Member status.

Direct feedback opportunities via our forums and reviews section

Direct feedback opportunities on products offered by Publishers at ComponentIndia, is available at all times. This feedback can be instrumental to Publishers in improving upon their service offering, finding out customer preferences, as well as providing a direct medium to interact with customers.

Customer Surveys and Feedback

ComponentIndia conducts customer surveys and provides regular feedback on select choice of questions carefully drafted by our Marketing Team. They are aimed at improving service level offerings, and provide direct means of communication to customers who wish to offer a suggestion, feedback or comment.

Online Sales Tracking

Registered Publishers featuring their products on ComponentIndia are offered the benefit of generating sales reports to track their sales. This tool offers Publishers easy access to see at a glance which products are generating more sales.

Publisher Information on ComponentIndia website

ComponentIndia's Products page is designed to accommodate Publisher Information to enable users to know about the Publisher's background and its service offerings. A unique opportunity for Publishers to reach out to a larger audience, Publisher Information helps to add credibility and creates a means to inform users more about you.

Product Listing

Keeping in mind the flexibility and convenience of the end user, ComponentIndia's web interface has been designed to accommodate the products being offered by Publishers in a logical and easy manner. This enables Publishers in turn to have all their products listed in several different categories and types, and have products appear under the relevant market segments.

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